domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012


Am I only one who feels the need to make fun of Scientology? I mean, an invisible, unprovable god is one thing... But aliens? I mean, really Tom? That's what you are going with?

For those who don't know much about Scientology let me try and explain in the most simple way possible:

-Created by a Science Fiction Writter
-We each have an inner spirit (Thetan)
-And a population of Thetans were banned to earth by a Extraterrestrial named Xenu
-The Thetans were imprisoned in human bodies
-Every time a human dies this force, moves on to a baby that was just born (sort of reincarnation)
-Thetans have god like powers but he cant use them
-And only through what Scientology calls "Auditing" can we obtain those powers back
-Each "Auditing" session can cost up to 1000USD per hour!!! The treatment lasts years...

Only an IDIOT would fall for this scam. Tom Cruise, exhibit A... He thinks he has super Powers, I shit you not...

"when you drive past an accident you know you're the only one that can help"  - Tom Cruise

Watch this interview... It will blow your mind.

To Learn all you need to know and more about Scientology in this video by TheThinkingAtheist.

I need Ideas, I need to make an animation making fun of these idiot that believe in such a scam. I'll make an animated Tom Cruise :D and make him fly xD Idk Help!

Btw, here is Xenu:

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