segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

 Naked people and a magic tree

"It’s silly if it weren’t so tragic, but alas, it is both silly and tragic, which is why everyone likes to laugh when people make fun of religion because a) it stimulates endorphins or whatever d b) it needs to be done as long as religious sociopaths want to impose their medieval will on law-abiding, consenting adults in our constitutionally secular republic."

 I mean, who the Fuck! still believes in these two? Think about it. You can choose between a scientific proven fact and two naked persons a talking snake and a magic tree, for "god" sake!!

I'm gonna do an animation about this... This afternoon, expect 2 naked stick figures, that may or may not have their genital covered... Haven't decided yet...

Adam is the one wearing the plants in this family :)
What? Too much muscle? I'll give Eve an extra something ;)

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  1. Even many Christians don;t believe in thsi rubbish.
    P.S. You know this blog is in a non-English language, right?